For every hair problem, the solution is always in a tub of mask!

For every hair problem, the solution is always in a tub of mask!

I had a lady ring me up for an appointment yesterday. She said;

“My colour is dull, I need my colour doing, and it’s just a mess, I need a new haircut.”

Everything was wrong with her hair. Dull, lifeless, dead, dry, split, unmanageable, unruly, untamable, crazy, big and frizzy.

Guess what the first thing I did was?

Yep, put 2 masks on it!

In 20 minutes she went from brillo pad to silky shiny hair.

To be honest even I was impressed with how quick it made a difference.

Now the thing is, you cant be a closet hairdresser and diagnose yourself. Sometimes you just have to take our advice on what’s best.

Clients tell me

“well I have a mask and I put it on once a week”

My answer

“if it was the right mask for you, it would have worked already”

If its not working, its not good enough!

Sorry, it’s that simple.

When I put one mask on my hair, it works straight away.

After 2 masks, i’m in a rain forest shouting “BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT”

So, going back to my client yesterday;

After two masks, done properly with a shower cap and left on for 10 minutes each time, it was a different head of hair.

We did a nice trim and blow-dry and she had gorgeous hair again. No more split dead ends, no more frizz AND the colour looked bright and fresh again!!

Honestly it’s that simple. Just like magic!

Come and see us and we will recommend the right mask for you.

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Gee xxx mwah!

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