Dont believe the box!

Dont believe the box!

Omg  I went to jumbo the other day and I saw a girl at the till...

Her hair was died black and she had in her hand 2 platinum blonde box dies!!!!! 🙅‍♀️

Guys honestly I just didn’t know what to do for the best!
One part of me wanted to grab a plastic toy gun and threaten her to step away from her shopping !!!!....

Then I thought, that’s a bit dramatic gee!
Come on! 🤷‍♀️

The other part of me was thinking maybe I can just calmly tell her I’m a hairdresser please don’t put that box on your hair it’s not going to end well....

Either way I thought she’s guna take one look at me with my crazy coloured hair and tell me to jogg on Barney! (The purple dinosaur 🦖 ? Some of you may know! )

She didn’t ask me so why should I get involved! 🤷‍♀️

Omg I was so torn!
Eventually I opted to keep my opinions to my self....
But Iv thought about her every day since!
Wonder where she is....
If her hair is still on her head....
Or maybe she’s a ginger mess crying in a corner somewhere!

Honestly guys what should I have done?

That’s why I just have to keep posting on Facebook to tell whoever will listen
I’m here to help xxx
If anyone wants to ask me any question about their hair I’m happy to answer,

I know some of you have your hairdressers that you love and I’m not asking you to cheat on them!
( god help me no way! I know most of them, they would kick my ass! Hahaha!)

But if your struggling with the condition of your hair I can help. You don’t have to fully step over to the dark side 😉

Also if you colour your own hair at home please don’t believe everything you see on the box!
I checked out this one in the super market the other day....
The only hair this might work on, for you to achieve the colour that’s on that box, is if you already had full head bleach or high lighted blonde hair

Any other colour, or even natural dark blonde.
Defo not coloured black xxx
Just making that super clear xxxx

Guys I’m here if you need me
Pick my brains.
Please spread the word xxx

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