"My hair doesnt grow!"

"My hair doesnt grow!"

Having Problems growing your hair?

Don't know why, or how to fix it! Well I have some answers for you  xxx

The secrets to growing your hair super long!

I hear a lot of people that say things like, “oh my hair won't grow”, “it gets to a certain length and then stops.”
Facts about how hair grows
Everyone's hair grows on average 1cm per month

Myth: certain hair types just doesn't grow

Truth: Our hair always grows, the reasons you may not see this length getting longer is because for the hair that's growing at the roots the same amount, if not more is breaking, splitting or snapping off the end due to bad condition of the hair. This can be caused by being over coloured, weak damaged hair that splits and breaks off. Or even things that we do to our hair ourselves like, being too heavy handed and yanking bobbles or clips out when hair is tied up. Also repetitive stress on the hair, like if hair is laying on your shoulders and you constantly put your handbag on top of your shoulder, all this friction can cause your hair to break off on the one side.
Constantly playing with a fringe, pushing it to one side out of your eyes, or continuously pulling it back. The hair at the front, your hairline, is usually finer and weaker, this repetitive stress will break the hair without you noticing but over time you will notice that it's not growing. As well as tying hair back in a tight ponytail or bun. A good example of this is ballerinas, they pull their hair back so tight it puts immense pressure on their hair line and in extreme cases can cause the hairline to recede.
Quick tips to grow your hair
Regular haircuts
Weekly hair treatment Masks to keep hair in top condition.
Moisturize ends with oils, serums, leave in conditioners
One of my client Lisa, has the longest healthiest hair! She never has a split end and we colour her hair regularly.

This is lisa! Lisa has the most beautiful hair and always gets complimented on the colour, how beautiful and long and in amazing condition her hair is!
“How do you colour your hair and have such length and your hair is still so healthy and shiney!?”
With blonde hair its very rare to see, but lisa has it all!

Three steps that lisa takes to keep hair hair in perfect condition!

1. We colour lisa’s hair every 5 weeks. One of the most important factors of colouring long hair is to NOT over process. When lisa comes in we only apply colour to the roots (that’s 1cm, and absolutely no more!) not overlapping colour is very important to healthy happy hair.

2. Lisa take home the shampoo, conditioner and MASK that the salon has recommended, specifically for her hair needs. (we talk about the important difference between a conditioner and mask in our next blog) Good home hair care is crucial. If you only visit the salon once every 5 weeks, it is important that the hair is getting what it needs in between visits.

3. Combination of small factors like lisa’s hair is curly so she doesn't use excessive heat (hair dryer and straightening irons) Regular hair cuts. Although lisa’s hair does not split, a haircut every 2-3 months keeps the ends strong and healthy. 0 split ends = Super long hair!

4. Also salon intensive treatments. Most of the time after we have done lisa’s roots, we put an intensive mask and braid her hair back. Your hair LOVES this! Maximum absorption, the hair drinks up the mask and is left beautiful shiny, happy, and super healthy.
So there you have it four simple steps, carried out repeatedly will give you gorgeous long hair!

For a detailed personalised hair care prescription catered to you and your individual needs, book your free consultation today. We look forward to helping you getting your perfect hair day, every day!

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