No to coconut oil!

When it comes to hair tips be careful who you listen to. Please don’t listen to Kim kardashian. 
Awesome woman BUT I just heard her recommend to conditioner your hair with coconut 🥥 oil before bed. BIG FAT MYTH! 
Coconut oil does NOTHING. I repeat NOTHING, to improve or even maintain the quality of your hair. It does not absorb into the hair, it only coats the surface making it temporarily “feel” soft. But the molecule is too big, it does not go into the hair or skin. 
I know I’m not as awesome as our kimmy but please take it from me the only way to repair your hair after coloring is a protein/reconstruction mask! 
Also first she was blonde then she went back to dark and I’m sorry but that dark hair (even though styled with gel) does not look happy/healthy/shiny to me! 
Take advice from someone who has what you want, my hair is coloured and still gorgeous, thick, strong, shiny! I practice what I preach, and iv got the results for you! 😘😉 #gorgeoushaircolor #shinyhair#hairdressermagic #hairmask#hairtreatmentmask #haircarecyprus#aphroditehair #tigi #bedhead#moroccanoil #wella #princesshair



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