Professional Hair Products on HOLIDAY!!!

On a flight to Canada with justin.
It’s take your girl friend to work week and I’m super excited. 😝🤓🤪
Justin will be teaching along side the awesome Brian and Carrie, on business and mind set.
So we’re on the plane and I have to laugh at how opposite we are!
We are both checking out the inflight books and I’m getting all excited about the Marks and Spenser roast dinner butty, and the funky rhubarb and ginger gin… and Justin is straight to the business articles magazine!

Then I looked at the inflight shopping book and was literally just thinking to myself how they have all a woman’s favourite things… except professional hair products which is one of our essentials when traveling surely!!???
I turn the page and BOOM 💥
Typical that Moroccan oil are the first pro brand to read my mind!
They are always one step ahead in everything they do!
Morrocan Oil are in popular movies, placing their products “hidden in plain sight” in the leading ladies bathroom.
And they are constantly advertising in mainstream magazines like “hello”
Usually I only see the crap hair brands like head and shoulders or Pantene advertising in the glossy mags!
So it’s refreshing for me to see my fellow comrades shaking up the game!

They must be testing the water with this advert to see how people respond…
so get buying if you want to see more professional hair company’s going on holiday with you x

No more Monica holiday hair!
No more bad holiday hair photos
Ouuuuu the worlds a changing!

Then I turned a few more pages thinking that was it….
until I saw this “grow gorgeous” shampoo and serum to WAKE UP YOUR HAIR.
“Helps your hair appear longer, thicker and fuller.”
So that must be what we all want rite?
I’m guessing so, because I imagine a professional hair company could advertise anything but it’s most likely to be their top seller! And I guess these adds are not cheap so they want to make it worth it.
Personally iv not heard of this particular brand but it’s certainly got my attention!
And I am seeing a serious increase of interest in hair loss remedies lately.
I have also written a few things on the hair loss topic recently if it’s something you need help with let me know.
But I just thought it was so interesting to see the new trend waves coming in.
I like to keep my eye on these things…. always gives me new 💡 ideas.
One thing I’m thinking about is our own travel hair kit. Using all of our top brands like TIGI and Wella but just to fill in the spaces where they don’t have travel sizes of all the things a typical hair junkie needs to take on holiday 😉
Got any thoughts to add to my musings guys? Would love to know what you think xxxx