The best advice at the best price!

The best advice at the best price!

I’m a cheeky little Scoucer and I love a bargain! 🥰🥳💁‍♀️

I’m all about “value for money” so when you ask me what I recommend for your hair, my Brain will always go to the best thing for your hair at the best price that will last you the longest.

Coz I know for you to see a difference in your hair, you need to be using this product for at least 1month and more.

So I won’t recommend you a small bottle to try, because I know it won’t last long enough for you to feel the difference. In some cases someone’s hair is so damaged that they can use a mask once and will feel a difference straight away.

But if your goal is to make the hair grow, that’s guna take a bit more time. So I want to make sure your getting the best products and the best price!

This is my favorite bargain in our shop!
For €5 you get x3 the amount!!!

That’s three time more
Three times longer lasting
Three times more fabulous hair!

I’m in! 🙋‍♀️
We have loads of special offers in the salon and online at

So if you want something fab and at a great special offer price I can work it out for you 😉

Loads of love
Happy weekend everyone xxx

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