The Hair Loss Epidemic

The Hair Loss Epidemic

Loosing Hair?
Recently i have been reviewing some things i am seeing happening and conversations that keep cropping up.
one of them is hair fall….
I’m no scientist or research analyst I’m just looking at the facts I have in front of me, and im seeing that Hair loss is not an age or gender thing.
I see YOUNG men, women and when I’m seeing 12 year old girls with white hair, It starts to raise questions in my mind.

Im seeing that life’s demands and expectations are getting increasingly higher for us all. Young and old.

And we are pushing ourselves harder and harder, to meet all these demands and expectations from our, teachers, bosses, colleges, social circles, studies etc
I’m assuming that in one way or another
“somethings got to give”

I see a downward spiral circle forming.

I like to call it the

“shit lifestyle downward spiral”

Increased stress and pressure results in us running to our favourite stress relieving drugs… more coffee/tea, smoking, “relaxing” glass of wine to help us unwind, with rushed lunch’s and we are hardly drinking any water because peeing is inconvenient and time consuming.
Long days sat down at our desks in front of the computer with our snack draw well equipped full of junk food!

The scales are tipping. And tipping to the dark side!

Our body’s need fuel. And these quick fixes just won’t cut it. This increased consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine is constantly dehydrating the body.
So I recommend always taking electrolytes to attempt to even these bad habits out.

Everything on the outside of your body is fed from the inside. From your blood.
That’s why the best indicators of health are what’s going on with your hair, skin, nails?
To be more specific. The roots of your hair are fed from your blood.
That’s why hormone imbalance, low iron, low vitamin levels, low circulation and dehydration are all massive players that contribute to your hair falling out.

When people come to me and ask
“Gee what’s going on? Why is my hair falling out???? “

The simplest answer i can give you to help fix it is…

To stop hair fall we need to work on the inside AND the outside!

Iv really been looking into this and I’ve spoken to my local chemist lady and my hair technicians from top company’s.
To try to come up with a home hair care solution.

Now obviously I need to be careful here “disclaimer alert” lol because I don’t want you to think a shampoo and vitamins are all I’m talking about here.
For severe cases I always recommend a full blood test. and lets look at, Are you eating and sleeping well?
I don’t want to blame everything on a giant stress umbrella. But my slogan is.

>>Stress is immeasurable. <<

And stress can quickly lead to our shit lifestyle downward spiral!

So I’m trying to give you a simple answer to a very complex question.
So please bare with me.

As I see it
Healthy hair needs this:
To growth healthy from the roots the hair needs healthy blood. Which means lots of vitamins. Water. Electrolytes and protein.
And good scalp and skin circulation, so that all this healthy blood can feed the hair roots.
Good healthy hair grows around 1cm per month
And one test I make is, how soft is your scalp? When you rub your roots/scalp is your skin moving.
It should move like you have a wig on. If not you need more moisture. Inside and outside.

Iv don’t this test on some of my clients and their scalp/ skin doesn’t move!
It’s like solid! No movement!
That’s not good guys. If your scalp is jammed up tight and hard how is the hair going to grow through your skin?

Second thing is lifestyle.
Do you sweat a lot from your head? This needs to be washed off daily.
what shampoo are you using? Is it moisturising and nourishing for your hair and scalp?
And also if you colour your hair this is also drying and damaging so we need to make sure when your lifestyle takes away from your hair, we need to be putting back!

There are many hair loss hair care products and things most have in common, are that they have peppermint inside.
This increases circulation and blood flow to the scalp and also cleans away any unwanted dirt and grease.

Variations of hair loss
Average to loose 100 hairs per day.
So if your hair is long it’s going to look like a lot in the plug hole. I took a picture of how much of my hair comes out each time I was it. once iv finished washing my hair i have to take the hair out of the plug whole so the water goes down.

So dont worry 100 hairs per day is normal.!!!

But noticeable hair loss is when you seriously start loosing your hair and it’s not growing back or you start to be able to see your scalp more.
There are so many variables I would rather just invite you to come talk to me personally if your hair loss is troubling you.

Alternatively I can give you a hair loss check list.
Thing to do to reduce hair loss and give you back more hair

1. Multi vitamins specifically for hair, skin and nails (these can perhaps be taken for just few months to give you a boost)

2. Daily multi vitamins. I personally like the dissolvable ones coz I hate taking tablets (take these always)

3. Electrolytes (take these every day and always)

4. Shampoo/conditioner/ mask. Shampoo to increase circulation and give vitamins to the hair. And mask or leave in conditioner to give strength to the new hair coming through and the hair your trying to save.

I would say they are top 4 things to check first. There are additional variable things depending on each person but you can just ask me xxx

In the eshop I have some hair loss packages already there because I see this subject as such a hot topic. But like I say if you need anything else please get in touch I would be happy to help xxx

loads of love
Georgina your hair doctor  xxx

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