Ways to prevent Hair loss Men

Ways to prevent Hair loss Men

Thinning hair is no joke and generally men experience this before women.

High testosterone levels can cause the hair to thin so men, if you’re losing your hair, it’s because you’re just too manly! Genetics can also play a part but ideally men under the age of 35 should not be going bald. If your hair is thinning early, there are a few things to consider;

Good balanced diet- Our hair is fed from the blood stream so the healthier you are inside, the healthier your hair will be.

Stress- Difficult to measure but can drastically affect your hairline.

Hair products such as wax or gel- Never go to bed without washing these out of your hair as they can block and weaken the hair follicles. Also be aware of non-soluble hair wax. If it doesn’t wash out properly, stop using it.

Sweat- After exercise always wash the sweat out of your hair as it is acidic and can also weaken follicles.

As men are more prone to losing hair as they get older, it’s important to use peppermint based products. They will tingle and stimulate blood supply to the scalp.
Hair is fed from the follicle which is fed by the blood stream. So if there is an imbalance in your blood it will show up in your hair.
Once circulation to the scalp starts to decrease and the hair isn’t being fed properly, that’s when it will start to thin.
Using peppermint shampoo and conditioner and massaging the scalp daily are good habits to get into. As always, prevention is better than cure.

One of our favourite products for hair loss is Nioxin and we have seen amazing results with this kit. There are no quick fixes and realistically you will need to use it for approximately 5 months but it will definitely be worth it. Your hair will grow 1cm per month. The first cm is under the scalp, the second month you will start to see tiny new hairs coming and then the third month you will start to see loads of new baby hair. 

Get in touch if you are struggling with thinning hair and would like some advice tailored to you xxx

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