What makes hair turn brassy???

What makes hair turn brassy???

What makes hair turn brassy???
everyone is trying to achive a flawless clean, ash blonde.
but its not as easy as putting a colour on, waiting 30mins then your good to go!

oh no!

when it comes to bleaching hair there is no process time, so when some one asks, “how long will that colour take?”

honestly its a really tricky question!
theres a few different things that happen when bleaching hair.
the hair needs to be strong enough, prepped ready, like a boxing champion, willing to take a bleach beating.
untouched, virgin hair we call it, is easy to bleach. but when you have some old colours going on from a few years back, thats going to effect how it takes. the natural hair at the root will take quick and easy, the middle with past colour will be stubborn and orange and then the ends if they are weak will throw in the towel before the games even started! which effects…
leaving bleach on long enough to clean everything out.

and each step effects the one in front and before!

having the strength to take a toner
(because a toner has oxygen in it too. so you wash the bleach off your hair and it thinks “oh! thank god thats over!”
only to put a toner on!
its like torture lol.
thats why most of the time after bleaching the hair i like to put a mask before we tone. or even one step better if the hair is clean enough we can put ash pigments in the mask, which will tone and give the hair goddies at the same time!

BOOM! gorgeous hair 101! lol

so if you have blonde hair and its brassy, chances are, your Not light enough.

Some hairdressers will give you bleach high lights and take the bleach off too soon and use a what we call an ash/cool toner to try to fix the gold or orange that you hate. The problem is the toner washes out little by little every time you wash your hair. In the end leaving you with a weird orange gold tinge.

The solution is to leave the bleach on longer but your hair has to be in a good strong condition for hairdressers to be able to leave the bleach on.

That’s why before you have any blonde hair color done you need to mask your hair as much as possible BEFORE
And even then. If you want to keep your hair this cool colour you will still need to make sure your putting the ash toner back every time you wash your hair. That’s why we recommend a blue shampoo every time you wash blonde hair.

So basic rules for blonde hair
Prep your hairs strength with protein masks as much as possible before you go to the salon
Hairdressers job to leave bleach on long enough
Some time hair may need a toner, depending what blonde your going for
Maintain gorgeous blonde hair with blue shampoo xxx

whats your favourite blondes???

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