Loreal SteamPod Smoothing & Repairing Milk 200ml

Loreal SteamPod Smoothing & Repairing Milk 200ml

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A protective formula that is activated by steam and recommended for fine hair types. The Milk is also ideal for wavy hair looks.

2-in-1: Smoothing + Repairing action. The Herbal Keratin Technology in the Milk is activated and diffused by the steam while styling your hair. It not only protects your hair from the heat, but also leaves it feeling soft, stronger and replenished.

HOW TO USE: Apply a coin-sized amount on the lengths of damp hair, before blow-drying it. When you hair is dry, style it with straightening irons to activate the milk and get the best results. Hair will feel smooth and frizz-free for long-lasting straight or wavy- looking hair!


- Less breakage

- Smooth- hair: feather-like effect

- Heat protection up to 210°

- Colour protection