How to pick your perfect Hairdresser

How to pick your perfect Hairdresser

I think you’re asking the wrong question.

Recently i have been answering a lot of enquiries from people asking me.. How much to dye my hair? How much to cut my hair? How much to make this colour?

But you know what guys you are asking me the wrong questions!

Let me explain with an example…

Remember the time when something goes wrong with your car. You blow something up and it stops working and you think “shit, how much is this guna cost to fix!?” 

So you ring up different mechanics to get a quote to fix the damage.

One guy quotes €95, another €110 and the other €150.

Which one do you choose?

The cheapest one right?

Now finding a good mechanic I think is just as hard as finding a good hairdresser.

One mechanic will take your car, but he’s busy so he will leave it sitting in the garage for two days before he gets round to looking at it. When he does look at it he realsies to fix it he needs a certain car part, that he needs to order. That takes two days to arrive and then another afternoon to fit it. While at the same time, this whole passing week, you have had to struggle like a nut job to get to and from work every day. One time you walked, the next day you got the bus, which made you late. So the next day you woke up half hour early, to get the bus and to not be late for work. Then you needed to go food shopping on the way home, OUF! All this extra ball ache! When is that bloody mechanic going finish with my car!?

You ring the mechanic and he says he will have the car for another two days. But then it will be the weekend, and now you can’t get anywhere and need to organise lifts to meet up with your mates!

Omg what a pain in the bum!

Then we have mechanic number 2. He quoted €110 but booked the car in when he knew he would be free to have a look at it. You took your car in, he looked at it, 10mins later and ordered the parts for your car. They came the next day!

The day after that you got your car back!

Mechanic number 2 is called John! He’s my car mechanic. He is organised and reliable and does what he says he will and most of the time I get my car back the very same day!

I love john!

We all know how stressful it is when we lose our car for a few days, especially because public transport in cyprus is not so reliable! But thank my lucky stars John is awesome!

The moral of my story is. Its not about the price. Its the service.

The job can be the same. But the service you get from one to another will change dramatically!

Instead of asking for a quotation in price, ask about the service

So instead of asking, how much do you charge for roots and a cut. I would suggest you ask something like…

Will I get a great colour and you will tell me how to keep it looking shiny and not fading?

Will I get a haircut and teach me how to never get a split end again?

Can I have a test piece of my hair to see the colour you can make it to make sure it matches the one in my picture that I really want?

Will I get the wow factor? When I have my hair done with you, will I love what I see in the mirror? Will people notice the difference?

Are you the mechanic that will leave my car sat outside the garage for a month and leave me to struggle to get to work. Or will you promise me it will be finished on wednesday and give me my car back in four days guaranteed?

That’s the mechanic I want. Price of service may be the same but quality of service is worlds apart!

I understand of course we need to know how much something is going to cost before we go for it, especially when its someone new. But then instead of just jumping to the next quotation it would be good to ask what are you getting for your money.

Whenever someone asks me for a quote about their hair, I always suggest them to just pop into the salon to see their hair. For a quick look and a chat and possibly even a test piece to see if what they want is even possible.

Guess what …

Very few come in. Very few take me up on the offer to show them what is possible before I even touch their hair.

But guess what else. Nearly every woman I talk to has a horror story about a hair nightmare. They let a hairdresser do their hair and they were given no reassurance or guarantee of how it would turn out. Because without a full consultation and a test piece no one can give a guarantee. So you’re actually setting yourself up to fail!

You’ll hate it and put a box dye over the top and never trust hairdressers again.

But now you know the questions to ask and the things you need to hear, I hope you can make more educated decisions.

It’s your hair. Your crowning glory. And it’s double important to get it wright!

Otherwise the world might aswell end!

You know that’s how it feels!

So do we!

So that why at our salon we will ask the questions, give the quotation and make sure that when you leave you are over the moon with your hair. We will teach you how to look after it and maintain it the way we would if you were to come to the salon every morning!

Imagine that. Gorgeous hair every day!

Ou its not a pipe dream I promise!

As so many of our gorgeous Aphrodite clients can tell you, we will give you a 5 star service!

I hope this was helpful guys! Remember to ask the right questions 😉 and please share this post. So that everyone can have the hair they have dreamed of!

If you would like any help with your hair, our sexy Aphrodite Team is always happy to help.

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All my love Georgina x

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