Collection: TIGI BED HEAD

TIGI is a hair care and styling brand that has been a must-have for hairdressers and a favorite of customers for 30 years. Founded in 1986 by hairdressing icon Anthony Mascolo, TIGI has achieved many accomplishments, including the creation of the revolutionary Bed Head by TIGI in 1996 and the expansion of its brand with the launch of Catwalk by TIGI in 2004.

Anthony Mascolo's drive and creativity, combined with a lot of hard work and a great team of people, have been the driving force behind TIGI's success. His passion for hairdressing and imagery is evident in the brand's commitment to creativity and giving opportunities to tomorrow's hairdressing talent.

TIGI's products are designed to help hairdressers and customers achieve unique and bold hairstyles, with breakthrough technology and iconic packaging. TIGI's success is a testament to its dedication to creativity, hard work, and a team of people who share the same passion for hairdressing as Anthony Mascolo.