Collection: K18

K18 is a brand dedicated to innovation in hair repair technology, with a focus on true, science-backed damage control. The brand's unique approach involves renewing hair from the inside out, by repairing the broken polypeptide (keratin) chains responsible for hair's strength and elasticity.

K18's co-founder and CEO, Suveen Sahib, is passionate about hair biology and committed to developing products that truly work to heal and repair damaged hair. After realizing the struggles that many people face with their hair and hair care routines, Sahib left his work in the tech industry to focus on developing K18.

The result of his efforts is the patented molecular repair hair mask that can repair years of damage in just four minutes. K18 has revolutionized the hair care industry with its unique approach to repairing damaged hair and promoting healthy, strong locks.

Sahib believes that "less is more" is the key to shaking up the hair care industry. K18's approach involves using fewer, more effective products that truly work to repair and restore hair health. By combining cutting-edge science with a commitment to sustainable, high-quality ingredients, K18 is transforming the way we think about hair care.