Hair Products that just don’t work!

Hair Products that just don’t work!

Who’s got a cupboard full of hair products????
Im guessing Family come on holiday and leave some random bits and you added them to your stash? Or you bought some last year, but forgotten what ur supposed to do with it?

You have a cupboard full of products, but my question is, do you use them? And are they working???
Many clients tell me, “ou I won’t buy that mask today coz I’m sure I have one at home….”
so why aren’t you using it???
Probably because like the rest of those products in your stash, if they worked you would use them AND your hair would be doing what it’s told. But my guess is…. your not using them, they don’t work, ur hairs a mess and you hate it!
So I have a suggestion, either you could send me a picture of said stash and I can tell you which ones to put in the bin right now and also which ones you should be using ( also remind you how to use them) or if that is an embarrassing thought how about you just open the bin a chuck the whole lot in there rite now and let’s start again!?
I don’t mind helping you with whichever decision you desire because my aim right now is to map out a plan for the gorgeous hair you long and wish for!;)
(I can make it happen you know, I have this amazing thing at the end of my arm most commonly known as a hand but in secret I call it a magic wand)

Recently I have had a few people contact me asking if they can come in and talk about their hair, for whatever reason they have not managed to get to the salon but that’s ok because I have a cunning plan!
I want to make life super easy!
I want to do this magic thing called a Facebook video chat, where we can talk and I can see you and you can see me and you can tell me all the things you hate about ur hair and I will be able to see exactly how angry and upset you are by the wrinkles in your forehead and you can look at me in total disbelief when I tell you exactly what we can do to solve every little problem!:) THEN to make it even more better and super easy if you need any products to fix your hair I will send them to you at your house!
At the very most you will only have to get off the couch to answer the door to the delivery man! And hey presto, georgina to the rescue!!!!!
Hahaha what do you think guys, do you like my cunning plan!!!???
With the help of our totally awesome eshop ( you can have all your shampoo fantasies and blow dry lotion ecstasies in front of your eyes and at the tips of your fingers!
I hope you can feel my excitement as your reading this!!!???
We are all getting increasingly busier with work and social life etc but one thing I know for sure is, if you wake up to your busy day with good, even great hair… wow what a nice way to start the day! It’s bad enough deciding what to wear and then to add on top of that dilemma, having to tame a hair beast! Uff! No I would much rather take the easy option!
Great hair for me please!:) hahaha
Because I’m always trying new products and masks out to see which ones work best for what and because I’m always battering my hair with bleach and new colours I defo think I’m the most highly qualified in this subject! Lol all the products I recommend have bin tried and tested by my very own hair beast! Not easy to tame! Takes a very specific hair regime to keep it in line!
This picture is my home hair styling products! Not what you where expecting? Not as many as you thought right?
When I talk to people about home hair care products they always assume the worst. They assume it’s going to cost them a small fortune!
Hey guess what! Did you know I can do a home hair starter kit for €30!!!!
That’s a shampoo 500ml, a mask 250ml and an oil 50ml! So that will last you about 3months.
Bet you didn’t know that!
When a new client messages me the conversation usually goes along the lines of… how much for a cut and blow dry, how much for a colour, how much for this, how much for that.
I figure that’s because they don’t know the way we do things is a bit different. Our focus is not on price, we focus on making you look and feel fantastic! For us it’s not another haircut or just a colour. It’s your crown, your shine and sparkle. We know that when we give you the gorgeous hair that you want it will make you feel amazing from the inside-out!
So when we do our consultation it goes something like this….
* what’s your hair like now (send me a selfie- let’s see the damage!)
* Send me a picture of what you want it to be like (I expect someone red carpet fabulous!)
Then I’ll tell you “YE BABY, LETS DO IT!”
Then we book you in the diary for your 5 star fabulous makeover!
I say makeover because even if it’s just a wash and blow dry, you will feel the difference! You will feel the sparkle and shine exploding from inside! That’s the feelings we go for!
If this all sounds totally epic to you? Or even if you just want to say hello please comment below and share! Love a good share day!:) mwah x happy Saturday folks! Xxx
All our love, the sexy team at Aphrodite hair and beauty salon xxx

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