Thin hair, I do care!

Thin hair, I do care!

Do you have naturally thin hair? Or even recently started noticing a lot of hair falling out?

If you are at your wits end battling with your thin, flat lifeless, thinning hair, this one is for you!

We had a new lady come into the salon the other day and I wish I had recorded our conversation because thin hair is a multi layer conundrum and I gave the full Gee on a soap box talk. So in the words of Ozzy Osborne (fantastic autobiography! Highly recommend it)

“I’m going to pull all the dribble back out of my brain and attempt to put it on paper!”.

The first problem our new client was facing was that, in the last six months the lady had noticed that her hair was falling out a lot more than usual. So I got my Poirot hat on and started asking the questions that I know seriously affect hair loss in women.

  1. Stress? No she’s retired and not particularly stressed.
  2. Medication? No changes, not taking any.
  3. Hormone imbalance? Possible cause due to the ladies’ age.
  4. Drinking enough water? Yes (recommend at least 1ltr per day)
  5. Home hair care? Nothing special. So yes also can be improved.
  6. Regular Diet? Nothing special. So here we looked into supplements.

I have personally had such great success with supplements. My moto is, let’s work on the inside AND the outside. Because the hair is fed from the blood stream. So if there is an imbalance in your blood eg. low iron, menopause, dehydration, lack of nutrients (bad diet) these things going on inside your body will show up in your hair. Your hair and skin send you warning signs all the time, as to what’s imbalanced or lacking.

There is a chemist just opened up next door to our salon, so I quickly popped in there and looked at the well know brand of multivitamins, WELL WOWAN vitamins. There were two to choose from, one was for menopause and one was the regular. I looked at the ingredients on the back and but eventually decided to go  with the regular one, as that had the most goodies in it. Even a higher evening primrose oil extract (which is great for women over 55).

And all the B, C, D vitamins and iron, Zinc and magnesium. All the good stuff to give this lady a boost!

Secondly I recommended NIOXIN three part hair treatment system to really invigorate, stimulate and regenerate hair loss.

I know I talk about this product repeatedly that’s because I know so many people who have thin hair have tried MANY different products for thin or thinning hair but I would say this brand is top of the list. I have had 100% success rate with this product! There are also many more that my clients have told me about like REGAIN, and recently the new range we have in the salon INSIGHT the natural organic hair care also have a shampoo specifically for hair loss, which will be amazing for maintaining all this new hair we are creating!

Different clients that have had serious shock (family death) where hair had almost all fallen out, by using Nioxin, fortunately we caught the hair before it all fell out- which had previously happened.

Another one of my ladies changed her medication and one of the side effects was hair loss. By using Nioxin we were able to stop the hair falling out and give the good stuff back to the hair, we saw her hair growing back quickly after only six weeks!

These are a few examples of ladies who this product has seriously helped and how I know it really works, just a few examples I really wanted to share with you.

So then we went through the products that the lady already had at home, and due to trying many different things, she actually had what felt like a residue, heavy  build up on the hair, like a heavy film layer, making the hair lank and greasy looking, causing her to wash her hair daily. But I knew this would disappear quickly when using the right products at home.

Occasionally when I ask people what shampoos and masks they use at home, sometimes they get very defensive, assuming that i’m just trying to sell them another pointless, expensive product that’s also not going to work. My answer…

If they have the correct products already, they wouldn’t have a problem. The hair would be happy and doing all the things you want it to. But its NOT! ALL those products in the cupboard at home, are not working. So there’s a choice.  Either try a new recommendation (which I have already tried for you, and know that these things I’m telling you work, I’ve done the testing) or carry on not seeing the desired results.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result… is actually the definition of crazy lol 🙂   

Some things about thin hair… it needs moisture. Most people with thin hair use A LOT of mousse and hairspray or strong gel to hold their fine hair in place. These products have a lot of alcohol in them which really dries the hair out! THEN they go over it with a heated roller or tongs to give it more volume after it’s gone flat. So then they are cooking the hairspray into the hair. Which is only going to damage it, dehydrate it more and you will have the same battle the very next morning. Bit like groundhog day.

So moisture! Moisture is the key! And possibly swap the strong hold mousse for volume creams, they work just as well but actually don’t dry the hair out because they have a lot less alcohol in them!

A lot of people with fine hair don’t use conditioner. Mostly because every conditioner they have used was heavy (the wrong one for your hair) so you thought it best just not to use anything. Well sorry to tell you this but that the worst thing to do. If you have fine hair and you don’t use conditioner, that means you are leaving the cuticles open, then putting all your mousse and hairspray on. This will double dehydrate your hair! I recommend a lightweight leave in conditioner spray or cream. Also Volume shampoo and lightweight mask, your hair needs moisture so you will need a lightweight mask, designed especially for fine hair. This will give you all the moisture and protein goodies that you need BUT will NOT weigh your hair down. I promise!!!!

When our clients have their hair done in the salon i use a TON of products on their hair,  masks plus leave in conditioners plus oils for moisture plus volume cream…. And what always happens is, the hair LOVES it and soaks it all up. Also never feels heavy after. If you are using the right things, your hair will drink it up and still feel light and shiney, happy and healthy. At the end of this i will put you pictures of all my thin hair favourite products for moisture volume and shine..products that i use all the time on ladies with fine hair, that help me make them look like Cousin ITT from the Addams Family hahahah

What other trick do i use……..erm let me think…..

Multi vitamins to boost the inside, feeds the hair

Nioxin, kick start those sleepy follicles and get them moving

Scalp massage.! In the shower put your light weight moisture mask on your hair and stand for a few mins and give yourself a gentle scalp massage, this will increase the circulation, increase blood supply to your hair and feed your hair. Do this every time you wash your hair, don’t be afraid to massage the mask into your scalp this will also feed your hair.

Also some thin hair is not only on the scalp, it could be around the hairline. This hair is week and can easily be over processed when colouring. Just watch out for that.

I think that pretty much sums it up. Check out your daily habits. Be good to your hair consistently and watch it grow!

If anyone would like specific help, please just give me a message! Pick my brains i’m here to help! 🙂 please comment below if this was helpful. And share if you know someone who has thin hair that drives them crazy!

Have a happy hair day people!

All our love the Hair Care Cyprus team xxx

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