What makes blonde hair turn brassy ???

What makes blonde hair turn brassy ???

If you're a blonde, you know the struggle of trying to maintain that perfect ashy tone. Unfortunately, blonde hair can often turn brassy, which is a yellow or orange tone that nobody wants. So, what causes hair to turn brassy?

When it comes to bleaching hair, there are a few different factors at play. First, the hair needs to be strong enough to handle the bleach, which can be damaging. Second, if there are old colors present in the hair, they can affect how the bleach takes. Natural hair at the root will take quickly, but the middle with past color will be more stubborn and likely to turn orange. The ends, if weak, may not even take the bleach at all. Finally, once the bleach is applied, it needs to be left on long enough to thoroughly clean everything out.

After the bleach is rinsed out, a toner may be applied to achieve the desired tone. However, toner can also be damaging and needs to be left on for the right amount of time. This is why it's important to make sure your hair is strong and healthy before undergoing any kind of color treatment.

If your blonde hair is already brassy, chances are it's not light enough. Some hairdressers may try to fix the gold or orange tones with a cool toner, but this can wash out over time and leave you with an odd, orange-gold color. The solution is to leave the bleach on longer, but this can be risky if your hair isn't strong enough.

To prevent brassy hair, it's important to prep your hair with protein masks as much as possible before going to the salon. Hairdressers should also make sure to leave the bleach on long enough, and may need to use a toner depending on the desired blonde shade. Finally, maintaining your gorgeous blonde hair requires the use of violet and blue toning shampoos, masks, and leave-in conditioners. There are many professional hair care products available specifically for blonde hair, so be sure to check them out to keep your hair looking its best. Click the link below to see our blonde hair range...


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