Why hair snaps

Why hair snaps

Woke up this morning feeling all chilled and trying to look morning radiant, and the first thing justin said to me was “your hair’s falling out!”

He was looking at all the purple hair on my white pillow. And he was right!

Although my hair is not falling out it is breaking off.

My pillow has all these small one inch bits all over it.

I have a confession to make. I was well aware my hair has taken a beating recently. Less time masking and more time curling and getting ready for Christmas parties, loads of makeup, shows, hairspray and general battering of hair and skin.

So I gave myself a good telling off and put 2 masks on my hair this morning.

But don’t be fooled this is not a quick fix!

I know you lot want quick results. You want to put one mask on your hair (not leave it on long enough for your hair to absorb it) quick rinse and then get ready and whack straighteners back over your hair and wonder why it’s not fixed yet!?

Hey! No one said having gorgeous hair was going to be easy! It takes effort and constant love to look this good you know!

I love it when people say to me “OMG your hair always looks so lovely” and they want to know the secret and wonder why it doesn’t happen for them.

You want to know the secret…?

It takes loving your hair EVERY DAY.

We can’t abuse our hair with shitty diets, tonnes of wine, curling tongs and hairspray AND expect it to take a pummeling and bounce back like Mike Tyson.

Come on guys get real!

Anything worth having takes care and love to maintain it.

Like six pack abs or a tight ass.

Those things don’t come from a quick twenty minutes at the gym once every month lol

So if you want your hair to be awesome this year you need to start implementing some good daily love your hair habits!

Step 1. Wash your hair an put 2 masks!

Yes I just said 2, one after the other.

Wash hair. Put mask. Put shower cap. Leave it for 15mins.

Rinse and put another mask. Put shower cap. Leave it for 15mins.

My clients have been a bit moany lately…

“Georgina I’ve been putting my mask on and my hair still feels bad”

Me. “Did you put a shower cap?”

Client. “No”

Me. “How long did you leave it on for?”

Client. “Just while I was in the shower, I didn’t have a lot of time.”

Me. “OK so you want what I tell you to do to work, even though you only did half of what I said?”

Client. “Yes”

If you want the result you have to do it properly!

You want gorgeous hair!?

You can have it!

Just do as i tell ya!!! Hahaha

Actually I should tell you why your hair is freaking out first…

Your hair needs moisture and protein.

Moisture for shine and softness

Protein for strength after colouring and putting heated irons and hairdryers on all the time.

My hair is breaking off because the irons and bleach have dehydrated and made my hair weak. So if I want to continue bleaching and curling my hair (which I do cause I bloody love it) then I have to continually put back moisture and protein.

So today I did 2 masks and EVERY DAY I put leave-in protein serum and oil for shine and moisture.  Every day. Without fail.

Some days I forget to drink water. Some days I drink too much wine. But every day I put my moisture and protein on my hair!

Because i love my gorgeous hair and i want to keep it looking gorgeous!

If you need help or advice with your hair just let me know. Send me a message. I’m happy to help.

My heart bleeds for split ends and it’s my mission to rid the world of them hahaha.

Loads of love and happy hair days

Your hair doctor Gee


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Hi what leave in protein & moisture do you use on your hair pls


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