Why Multi Vitamins?

Why Multi Vitamins?

Why multi vitamins?

Its happened to me a few times now, where im loosing my patients, feeling mentally and emotionally drained and getting up in the morning after 10 hours of sleep and wishing i could get back into bed.

This explainable tiredness and lack of energy gets me frustrated with myself!

So then I start going through a long list of things that i should think about that would hopefully make me feel a little better…

What if i have a nice shower, wash my hair and shave my legs, then maybe ill feel better?

Should i start taking probiotics?

Omg, i didnt drink any water today, maybe thats why i feel crappy?

I should take those vitamins in the cupboard, but i hate swallowing tablets…

If i exercise maybe that will give me more energy… but i cant fit it into my schedule!

Maybe its the time of the month, thats why im feeling weird.

When was the last time i went for a pooh?

I need more electrolytes, for sure im dehydrated.

When was the last time i ate a salad?

I need to buy more healthy things when i go food shopping.

If i go for a walk in nature, that should relax me a little.

Going to bed at night and laying awake with all these thoughts rolling round my brain.

I should try to eat more healthy, perhaps that would give me more vavavoom.

Omg the list goes on!

I know im not alone with these feelings because me and my clients have conversations about how we feel all the time. Busy women with crazy work schedules, kids to keep happy, tuition and house bills, husbands to feed, houses to organize, pets to take care of, menopause, hot flushes and pmt, and less and less time to spend on themselves.

And the feeling of emotional exhaustion, constant stress, worry, and feeling so sensitive like your nerves are on the outside of your skin.

Its no wonder we are tired, right!?

Im counting all these problems and putting them on one side of my weighing scales, so the question is what are we going to do, at the very least, to even up the scales balance, let alone tip it in the positive side?

So recently each time i felt crappy I decided to take the baby steps towards what I can have in the house that will be quick and easy and make me feel better.

So let me show you my cupboard of goodies.

Firstly I totally dislike taking tablets. No matter how small or how good they are for me. I just cant face the thought of first thing in the morning having an argument in my head to take the bloody tablet, it will only take 10 seconds, but i just wont do it! I know, im stubborn with myself. So i found these multivitamins, which are packed full of goodies and they are JELLY SWEETS!


So i turn on the kettle to make a coffee and i pop two of these straight away!


Already i feel happy with myself!

Then I get a big glass of water and I dissolve one of the hydration, electrolyte tablets in it.

Ouf awesome, now im drinking water and putting back my minerals and salts into my body! Im so proud of myself! (did you know that when we sweat we lose salt from our body? Drinking plain water is not enuf. Especially living in a hot climate we are constantly losing these minerals and not putting them back. As soon as you take electrolyte rehydration salts you instantly feel a boost. Way better than coffee or sugar i assure you!)

And I didn’t even have my coffee yet! Already im feeling good.

I also like those little actimel probiotic yogurt drinks. They take 10 seconds to drink and are packed full of good stuff.

Then i also have probiotic tablets there too, but like i said im crap at taking those, so i take them when i can. And my newest additional to the “be good to gee” family is that bag of mix green powder.

Its got spirulina and wheatgrass and other green stuff thats really good for you and also takes like cack! So i have a table spoon of that in orange juice every now and again.

There is also magnesium tablets there which i have been told by a nutrition expert are best to take before bed. They help relax and repair your body while you are sleeping!

Sleeping and healing sounds great to me. Anything to make me feel more fresh in the morning!

Low magnesium can be caused be drinking a lot of alcohol. Now im not saying im an alcoholic, but sometimes my busy day does leave me finishing work gagging for a glass of wine to help me unwind and relax! Again, im sure we all feel the same here. So in the nature of balance I take magnesium too.

Like I said these things I have built up over time and added them slowly, bit by bit into my morning.

I like these quick fixes with little effort and low resistance from myself, they have to be easy for me to take otherwise I know I never will. And I know most of us are the same!

So if you are double busy, triple tired and emotionally exhausted, these are my recommendations.

Even on top of a good or average diet just doing a few quick fixes to be good to yourself will have a great positive impact on your body and mind from the inside out!

If you want to read up on why electrolytes are good for you check out this link


Or more information on magnesium http://www.webmd.com/diet/supplement-guide-magnesium#1

I wanted to talk about these things today because as we get busier and more stressed, a regular diet is not going to be enough for what our body’s need to repair and for us to be on top of our game and feel happy or balanced.

I also say this because more and more of our clients are coming into the salon needing extra help. Our hair is fed from the blood stream. So whatever is going on inside the body will show in our hair. Our hair is actually an indicator to what is going on inside. Some things are external damage but the inside plays a big part too. You know i love all my hair care products but i also give a lot of importance to hydration and multivitamins. So if we can work on the outside with great hair care AND the inside with some extra goodies. We will be flying!

I have been recommending multivitamins to my ladies for years! And they always promise me they will stop by the chemist on the way home as they leave the salon. But i know 90% of them dont. As they are already going over their list of jobs they need to do when they get home and what they will do for dinner.

So we now sell chewable sweetie multi vitamins! If anyone would like any, they are there for you to collect or I also stock them on our eshop, where we provide home delivery! www.haircarecyprus.com

I intend to make it as easy as possible for you 😉 xxx

So cheers everyone. If you found this helpful please share, and if you would like any extra help would love you to comment below.

All our love x

The sexy team at Aphrodite

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