Collection: TIGI - BED HEAD

Let your creativity rule!

TIGI Bed Head is a product line of haircare and styling products that were first introduced in 1996. It was created by Anthony Mascolo, a renowned hairdresser who had a desire to challenge the traditional and polished aesthetic of the hairdressing industry. Bed Head was established as the original rebel hair brand, with a passion for creative experimentation and fearless self-expression.

The brand's products are designed for professional hairdressers who share the same ambition as the founder, to push their boundaries and see what they can achieve. TIGI Bed Head products are famous for their breakthrough, powerful technology and iconic packaging. The brand's product range includes shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, and tools.

TIGI Bed Head has refreshed its iconic product range while keeping its creative and professional ethos intact. The brand has crafted new haircare products with the TIGI Creative Team that are designed to be used by both professional hair stylists and consumers, delivering phenomenal results in the salon and at home. The brand has also created new bold packaging, inspired by diverse youth sub-cultures, with the aim of connecting with its customers across music, fashion, technology, and art.

At the heart of the Bed Head brand are hairdressers, and the brand has elevated hairdressing to the next level by creating the perfect toolkit to fully unlock hairdressers' creative potential with the Bed Head Artistic Edit. This exclusive range of bold professional products has been crafted by the TIGI Creative Team for creative stylists, and it includes a range of professional styling tools that allow hairdressers to experiment and use their expertise and creativity to create unique hair looks for their clients.

The brand's purpose is to unleash creativity through new awesome products, and it champions creativity by inspiring others to express their individuality unapologetically. With TIGI Bed Head, the brand believes that if you want to be ruled by something, let it be your creativity.