Nanokeratin Replenish Mask 250ml

Nanokeratin Replenish Mask 250ml

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Replenish Mask for Blonde/Bleached/Highlighted Hair to be used after hair smoothing and straightening, comprises highly substantive particles performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure and enabling hair to recuperate itself.

This unique Hair Mask emulates natural hair process as it actively encourages enhanced inner fluent nourishment from roots to tips by natural nourishing nutrients and therefore enables hair to recuperate itself from the inside.

Moreover, it detangles and reduces friction between hair strands for freedom of movement.

In addition, it connects inner pigments for a beautiful harmonic look (outstanding benefit for Blonde Hair in particular).

It also intensifies shine after highlighting and ensures NO Yellow/Orange effect after colouring/bleaching.

Coats the hair with a “very fine” polymer, closing and filling the hair cuticles so that the hair feels immediately softer, repairs the hair (from the outside in), anti-frizz and gives environmental protection.