OLAPLEX Traveling Stylist Kit

OLAPLEX Traveling Stylist Kit

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Kit Contains:

x1 No1 Bond Multiplier (100ml) Professional use. Can be added to bleach or colour upon application. or can be used as a stand alone treatment. it penetrates the hair and starts repairing the broken disulfide bonds.

x2 No2 Bond Perfector (100ml)  Professional use. Used after No 1 but before the final shampoo. it continues repairing bonds and seals the outter layer of the hair shaft.

-Helps prevent hair breakage and damage
-Ideal for use on bleached hair, pre and after bleaching
-Lift blondes to a lighter level without damage

-Good for at least 15 applications ( each application should be measured)
-Revitalises colour treated and normal hair
-Protects hair during chemical services